At Tekell & Tekell, L.L.P., we believe that your business is only as strong as your contractual relationships.

You can spend years building your company only to have it become vulnerable to expensive, time-consuming litigation. Without properly drafted business contracts, your company could also experience lost revenues and resources.

The lawyers at our Waco law firm have decades of combined experience providing legal guidance to Central Texas businesses. Our attorneys understand how to draft contracts suited to your personal and professional goals. Our extensive business acumen also helps us provide guidance for growing businesses, whose contracts may require regular updating.

Do Not 'Do It Yourself'

Many business owners — in an attempt to save a few dollars — decide to use preprinted form contracts or to write their own. We understand that money may be an issue, but we also have witnessed the consequences of business contracts drafted by novice, nonprofessionals.

Even minor mistakes can create breach of contract issues . Your contract needs to not only prevent disputes, but also protect your business during a dispute. If your contract does not stand up on its merits in court, you could lose more than money; you could lose your business.

Cost-Effective Advice

A good contract can prevent an expensive, time-consuming lawsuit. We are thoughtful and careful in the negotiation and documentation of your contractual relationships. Our goal is to provide cost-effective legal services that protect your interests.

Providing Help At Any Point In The Process

Our legal team understands that your business is evolving every day. That means your contracts need to change to meet your needs. We evaluate your current contracts — even if we did not originally draft them — to look for possible legal troubles. We can also audit your contracts to help ensure that your business is protected at every level.


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