Misappropriation Of Funds

If you have questions about how cases involving the misappropriation of funds are handled, we can help.

When funds are discovered to have been misappropriated from a business, such as through embezzlement, business owners and board members are often concerned about their fiduciary duty and potential liability in the matter.

At Tekell & Tekell, L.L.P. , we are deeply rooted in Waco and Central Texas, providing comprehensive representation to businesses throughout the areas. Our attorneys can evaluate your case and provide effective solutions in these types of complex fiduciary duty cases.

We understand that your case is unique, as are your objectives. We approach every case with an eye toward trial, but also understand the benefits of negotiated settlements. Our goal is to provide you with effective, efficient legal representation tailored to your needs.

Take Immediate Action To Investigate

While theft is a criminal matter, it may be best to begin your own investigation as soon as possible before calling the police. It is not in your best interests to make accusations against an individual in the event that an audit shows that he or she was innocent.

It is best to complete a thorough review of your business's financial matters through the use of the board's treasurer, business's legal counsel and/or an external forensic accountant. By completing a comprehensive audit, you can determine whether or not the misappropriation of funds has taken place.

Recovery Of Misappropriated Funds

Once it has been established what happened to the funds or why there was commingling of the funds and who is responsible, it is important to craft a plan for recovering the missing funds. Though the prospect for full recovery of funds is often small, we can help you pursue any funds in order to address the business fraud that has occurred and restore your business's future potential.


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