Tortious Interference Litigation

At Tekell & Tekell, L.L.P., we understand the financial hardships you may be facing as a business owner.

We also understand the consequences you may suffer if accused of interfering with a business contract.

Our attorneys have close to 40 years of experience helping companies with complex business and employment law problems . We can evaluate your situation to help determine appropriate legal solutions.

Leveling The Playing Field

Tortious interference can create unfair advantages. Typically, it involves a third party to a business or employment contract influencing one side or the other to break the contract or make it more difficult to comply with the contract.

Our lawyers can review your contract to help determine liability. We can also formulate legal solutions tailored to your personal and business needs. Our goal is to help level the playing field when businesses improperly compete.

Protecting Trade Secrets

Trade secrets under Texas law are broadly defined to include any proprietary information that gives a business a unique advantage. They include:

  • Customer lists or customer preferences
  • Formulas for chemicals
  • Product recipes
  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Pricing and cost information
  • Any information not generally known by the public about how you conduct your business

We can help prove — or defend you against — a tortious interference claim. A thorough review of your contracts, including employee noncompete agreements and nondisclosure forms can help determine if certain terms are enforceable.

Litigation Support

Our legal team has more than 30 years of business and employment law experience. We can leverage our business knowledge to assist both plaintiffs and defendants. We will work to help minimize business and financial consequences. Our extensive business experience helps us to understand the nature of your business, your contracts and contractual relationships. Our goal is to protect your capital interests through high-quality litigation support.


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