Noncompete Agreements/Trade Secrets

At Tekell & Tekell, L.L.P., our lawyers have decades of business law experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

We can evaluate your company's current noncompete and nondisclosure agreement or draft one tailored to your needs. Our legal team can also provide advice on noncompete agreements for employees.

Noncompete Agreements

Our attorneys understand that, as an employer, you need to restrict your employees and contractors from taking and using confidential and proprietary information obtained through their employment. We can address your concerns and resolve your issues through well-drafted, enforceable noncompete agreements.

We can evaluate your business law needs to help draft an enforceable agreement. We can also provide advice to employees as to whether or not the agreements they are signing are enforceable.

Noncompete: Employer Viewpoint

If you feel that your trade secrets or another proprietary information has been stolen, we can help protect your business interests. We can get an injunction against the employee to prevent them from creating a company benefiting from or mimicking your business model.

Noncompete: Employee Or Former Employee's Viewpoint

Oftentimes, individuals start up a company only to receive a claim from a former employer, threatening to shut down your business. You may not need to fold up shop. We can analyze the noncompete agreement from your previous employer to determine if it is enforceable.

Our Waco legal team can also help in situations where a former employer wants you to stop working at your present company.

Protecting Trade Secrets

A well-written agreement can protect your company's business model and other trade secrets. Trade secrets are broadly defined to include any proprietary information that gives a business a unique advantage. It includes:

  • Customer lists, customer preferences
  • Formulas for chemicals
  • Product recipes
  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Pricing and cost information
  • Any information not generally known by the public about how you conduct your business

We can use our cutting-edge knowledge of Texas business practices to collect evidence and present it effectively to a jury. You could receive a monetary award or the court may also place an injunction on the offender, closing the business.


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